David Bard is a Swiss architect.

After obtaining his Master of Arts in Architecture in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2019, he founded his own office, called BARD YERSIN architects, together with his partner Thibault Yersin. Present in the heart of the countryside of Fribourg, they are working on the transformation of this landscape with its fragile balance. The rurality of this region being brutalized by generic mutations, the office focuses on the importance of the type and on the question of their evolution over the time. They base their work on the fact that in order to build the future, we have to renovate the past. They actively transform farms, barns, dairies, hog barns and even a chapel ! Their last «re» transformation was nominated for the « Kaninchen 2021 – Hochparterre » award.

David’s photographs are a continuation of his theoretical and architectural research on the brutalist ethic, questioning our relationship to the founding elements of the art of building. For him, photography is a way of revealing the expressive force of his reflections on raw material and immediacy. Photography is also a way for him to free himself from his profession of architect which is becoming more and more normalized every day and in which it is increasingly difficult to find freedom. The images he creates are always very well built. They are all closely linked to the architecture even if he tries to vary subjects and points of view in order to allow the discovery of new and surprising things, because they are unexpected. He gives great rigour to the shooting, the geometry and the research of his subjects. Photography thus becomes a tool allowing it to easily communicate a strong idea while finding a certain complexity. The gaze he developed through his photographic research then enriched his daily life as an architect whether for the modeling of computer-generated images or for the publication of his projects. All seeking to interconnect with the intention of developing the most comprehensive and coherent reflection possible.